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Facebook Claims Removal of Revenge Porn

*** Female Marines say, "It's NOT Enough!" ***

In a letter to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, the group Not In My Marines, a community of active duty, retired, veteran Marines and civilians dedicated to ending sexual harassment and assault in the Corps wrote, "Facebook, in particular, continues to prove its capability for instantaneous contact: birth announcements, event invitations, links to nude photos of scorned ex-girlfriends, galleries of “slutty wooks desperate for attention,” and more. Rampant, defiant, and deliberate: Facebook has become the reliable host for group pages used to openly mock, disparage, denigrate, and demean the very women who have answered the call of service to our country." The letter continued to call out the Social Media Juggernaut, "the ... ‘Marines United’ Facebook group exposed the kind of pervasive misogynistic behavior that female military members have endured for decades. Online anonymity emboldened users to form or contribute to countless private Facebook pages created with the purpose of exploitation, humiliation, and intimidation."

Facebook recently came under fire when a bombshell report from March revealed that hundreds of Marines were sharing naked pictures of female service members without their permission in a private Facebook group called Marines United. A follow-up report from Business Insider revealed that the behavior had spread to other branches of the military and more private groups on and off Facebook.

The social network recently announced more reporting tools to weed out explicit photos, but Marine veteran Erin Kirk-Cuomo argues that the company's policies remain "largely ineffective" and still don't prevent the spread of "nonconsensual intimate photo sharing" in private, invite-only groups.

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