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Facebook refuses to remove kiddie porn, because Zuck makes a lot of money off it as kiddie porn advertisers pay Facebook...


Parents are begging Zuck to remove the kiddie porn and kiddie porn advertising, but he won't. He is connected with Hillary Clinton and others in Pizza-Gate where they buy out a pizza parlor to attract kids and then kidnap them and fly them to an island that has no laws on it, and diddle them there.

The NWO, etc like to do a lot of kiddie porn stuff because they are so rich they can buy off the police and FBI and even fly to an anarchist island that permits that sort of thing.

It ain't just the Russian mafia apparently? What does Crawford think of it?

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Facebook refuses to remove kiddie porn, because Zuck makes a lot of money off it as kiddie porn advertisers pay Facebook... | 6 comments (0 hidden) | Post A Comment
90 percent of your post is Bullshit (#78)
by CoyoteBrown on April 15, 2017, 3:28 a.m.
RE:Pizzagate is totally bogus fake news but anyways . . . while I haven't seen any CP on FB nor beheading videos I would not doubt they exist. There are a number of children sharing inapropriate video amongst their peers. Technically and legally that is 'distributing child pornography'. There is an investigation going on here locally in which the FBI is involved. A young girl at the High School was videotaped doing some kind of sexual activity and the video seems to have been shared.
So it's not so much a left wing conspiracy as it is kids using technology in inappropriate ways and I would not doubt some of these are posted to their Facebook, Snapgram, Instatwit, etc.

And as far as FB is concerned I HAVE seen posts involving things such as nudity (adult not kids), posts inciting violence and or making threats of violence, and posts depicting instances of self-harm. Now these ARE in violation of FB's community standards and I have reported them but in each case I recieved a reply from FB saying they had reviewed the material and detirmined it did not violate their standards and suggested I should just block the person. So yeah, FB is full of bullshit when they say they are all concerned and shit.

On a related note I'm surprised you aren't spreading the story about the UN in Haiti running the child sex ring. The story itself is real but it occured several years ago. However, the Trumpsters have been trump-eting it on FB in a way that makes it seem as if it is current news.
Or maybe you should be floating the story about the chems us Lefties are putting in the water to make the frogs gay.

Happy Easter, I'm not sure if the Annual Easter Egg hunt at the Whitehouse will take place. Seems Melania and Donald didn't know they were supposed to organize that. LOL. I can't figure how people can feel safe about a CIC trying to host a war when he can't even manage a simple Egg Hunt. Oh well, the evidence of his collusion with the russians during the campaign is mounting daily. Even the Brits have intercepts of Trump and Co making under the table quid pro quo with Ivan.

So, when does the WINNING start again?

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Hi there, Facebook is not able to scan every post or comment to find offensive content. We are currently working on AI G... (#90)
by FakeNews on April 15, 2017, 7:18 a.m.
RID technology to automate this process. Until then you can flag things to our attention.

Companies and people who pay for advertising get priority on our social network, we don't delete their advertising or posts or comments because they are VIPs. If you find anything they post offensive just block them.

Trump does not celebrate Easter, because he believes any holiday not celebrated by the official apostles is not a real Christian holiday. This is a belief shared by most Scottish people and their own version of Christianity.

Winning? When does it start? (#83)
by Orion on April 15, 2017, 6:02 a.m.
You are confused, winning is for mega corporations and the rich elite. They surround us with fake news, false reports, news media biases, and distract us all they can so we never learn the truth.

Chemicals turning frogs gay? The only chemical I know that can do that is estrogen and GMO food is modified to have extra estrogen in it to cause males to gain weight and man-boobs and a feminized personality, and in females, it makes them moodier and emotional and triggered more easily. Yeah, too much estrogen can make someone gay or identify with the opposite sex, or even be so confused they think they are an apache helicopter.

Basically, Facebook does not give a shit unless it is some religious nut posting that homosexuals should go to hell or whatever. One time I was role playing on Facebook using my yahoo email and someone reported us and next thing I know my account is banned and deleted. So I registered with my gmail account and instead of role playing I just played online games and added random players as friends to get better at the games. I never uploaded anything offensive or wrote anything offensive, etc. Yet my account was banned and deleted and I never learned why. I was told just to create a new account and not worry about it.

religious nut posting that homosexuals should go to hell or whatever (#91)
by CoyoteBrown on April 15, 2017, 3:37 p.m.
That's all my Facebook Feed is. Being in the South and having friends and family all rednecks my feed is full of Anti-Muslim, Alt-Right and Anti-Homo, Anti-Atheist, Anti-black and Pro-Christian, Pro-Gun, Pro-Life, memes and lots and lots of trump support. Only two women are liberal, one is LGBT and the other is a stoner. If I had a dollar for every Confederate Flag in my feed I would be richer than Bill Gates. Facebook doesn't have any problem with them. In fact I don't think they remove ANYTHING, just pretend to in order to look like they're 'doing something'.
As for you getting your account banned despite not uploading anything offensive, well, knowing you like I do I reckon they just find your presence in general is offensive. You have to admit, you go out of your way to be both obnoxious and argumentative.

Yes but being obnoxious and argumentive (#98)
by Orion on April 15, 2017, 9:27 p.m.
Is a symptom of my disability/mental illness that I am trying to learn how to control. It is also not against the law or the TOS. I got a ton of people who are conservative or liberal on my feed that are more obnoxious and argumentive than I am and they get to keep their accounts.

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