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The Liberal Democrat case for Genocide

First off abortion is genocide as much as birth control and euthanasia. Liberal Democrats just love killing people off to avoid a surplus population. Which is why the Democrats founded the KKK after the Civil War, and funded the Nazis in WWII.

Joe Kennedy had a simple explanation. You have to kill off half the population so the other half can live in luxury, like his family.

Hitler and Nazis only murdered 6 million Jewish people, but over 100 Million people died in WWII from fighting each other or bombing villages. WWI was 150 million.

Democrats had bounties on the heads of Native-Americans to murder 100 million of them off, plus the trail of tears for almost 200 million.

Democrats love communism because it murdered off over 100 million people. Socialist countries also do this.

The Avengers 4: Infinity War Part 1, Thanos has a plan to save the galaxy by killing off half of life so the other half can live.

Avengers are Republicans and Thanos and his allies are Democrats. Stark is Trump, Thanos is George Sorros.

With Mike Crawford claiming 9/11 was justified by the Iraqs because of how many of them are killed in the first Gulf War, shows how Liberal Democrats support genocide. 9/11 caused the second Gulf War and over 300 million people died in the war, 200 million from so called terrorist groups trained by the CIA.

I estimate if Clinton was in power she'd pass laws for euthanasia, free birth control, free abortions, and you can have legal assisted suicide and the government would pay your family for the loss of life. Yeah suicide booths.

3.5 Billion people have to die to survive global warming and peak oil, because crops are going to die and fail at mass rates.

This stuff is from the book of Revelation.

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by Anonymous on May 22, 2018, 6:46 a.m.
The Left ALWAYS will eventually turn on their own. Their Ideology always attracts narcissistic types. Black Lives Matter to them only matters the black lives killed by police officers not died of drug overdose, gang crossfire shooting, black on black crime, and migrants killing them.

Opps, I told a truth that is not politically correct:


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Have you ever heard of the Jaffe Memo? It was sent between a Planned Parenthood organization and another. It contained a table that listed ideas for population control. Take a look, things that have already happened are highlighted:


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Have you ever heard the story of Andrew Jackson? It is not a tale a Liberal Democrats would tell you.

Have you ever heard about the Japanese-American camps during WWII by FDR? It is not a tale that a Liberal Democrat would tell you.

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Citations of proof: (#390)
by Anonymous on May 22, 2018, 6:30 a.m.

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