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What's next for FreeK666?

I think this is the appropriate place to talk about the future of freek666, both long and short term.

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Firstly fix the story submit page, the preview should be the comment as a story, not displayed as a comment, and the edit button shouldn't require a page reload... basically it's all off compared to the 'smoothness' of the comments (even that's not perfect in places). Move everything into freek666, so it is really just one logical module with submodules... this is to avoid polluting the namespace and has other advantages... but makes it possible to merge into kr5ddit. Currently they both have a module called 'comments'... that's going to screw things up. Try and move comments into freek666 and see if can merge cleanly after that. It's going to be tricky because I built the docker integration stuff basically separately... in the end, want to get best of both worlds running as the base. Then I want the moderation hooks. Then I want user editable styles. See if we can get slashdot, reddit, kuro5hin, kr5ddit(classic) styles working, and hopefully a kr5ddit nextgen style and a few alternatives or something. Clearly the X new messages doesn't work, nor do the words in story... Probably shouldn't show the 'Full Story' link at the bottom of the intro in full story detail view... Then pagination is going to be a problem... Probably want to cache lots of stuff... and even denormalise the database, ie, minimize the calculations for number of replies... and the intro and body split stuff... Also move to a docker env, with proper database and stuff... kr5ddit seems faster than this now all of a sudden.
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by United_Fools on March 24, 2017, 2:05 a.m.

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