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It is the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

It was October 31st, 2017. Linus had been trying to summon The Great Pumpkin for 50 years now. His sister Lucy would keep calling him a blockhead.

Then at Midnight, The Great Pumpkin appeared!

"Mortal you have summoned Samhain. For fifty years I slowly absorbed your manna until I could rise from the dead. What wish can I grant you?" -Samhain

"I want candy and presents and get rid of our President Donald Trump and replace him with Hillary Clinton." -Linus

"Donald Trump? He's the Great Trumpkin! He is more powerful than even me! Why he invented Fidget Spinners and FLipping Candos!" -Samhain

"What about Hillary Clinton?" -Linus

"She's like one of the oldest witches I've ever known. She's the one that cast the spell on me 50 years ago to put me in limbo!' -Samhain

"So what can you do?" -Linus

"The Happy Dance!" -Samhain

Samhain then dances like Snoopy with his Pumpkinhead and 11-foot tall body and skeleton legs and arms.

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