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This just in Walmart wants access to your house

so that they can deliver stuff and stock your refrigerator in your house when you are not there. They want you to give them your alarm code, front door key, and if there are any pets or traps in your house so they can send their minimum wage slaves to open your door and put stuff inside your house via delivery so nobody can steal it.

This was tested out before and the delivery boy jacked off in the woman's pantie drawers and then was fired.

In unrealted news, Oprah was trying to convince people that Trump is a racist, etc, and did not succeed at it. She is now pissed off at the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and others for voting for Trump and not Clinton. She claims in not agreeing with her that Trump is a racist, those states are now racist states like Missouri and there should be an NAACP travel caution made that Racist Police in that state might kill black people and then drop a gun on their body to claim self defense.

In NonRealted news, Kylie Jenner is pregnant, but guess who the father is? Bill Clinton! All will be revealed on TV reality shows as a DNA test is made to see if Bill Clinton is really the father or someone else.

In Troll News, Kekistan stock is high today with Kek's blessing.

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