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SOS! NFL players under assault by Trump!

Trump hurt their feelings when he said taking a knee to the flag and national anthem is UnAmerican and Mean.

Let us have a safe place for NFL players to cry, get hot cocoa, hug kittens and puppies, and can read their little red book by Mao!

Nobody seemed to know NFL players are pussies when it comes to political and respecting their nation and flag. I guess some of these Thots in Feminism and Social Justice and Gender Studies can go and suck their dicks to make them feel better.

In unrelated news, North Korea said "Suck me balls, I gonna fire rockets at South Korea and Japan!" but no rockets were able to hit targets in South Korea or Japan.

In other nonrelated news, Radical Islamist Terrorists applaud the Domestic Terrorism that Antifa and Protestors have done to the USA. They claim it makes their jobs a lot easier when we fight with ourselves over silly shit that don't matter anyway.

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