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Apple to buy out Facebook, IBM, AT&T, and Sears/KMart

Apple has over $1T USD in reserves. Enough to buy out Zuckerberg's shares in Facebook and have plenty left over. IBM had financial issues, and now Apple is buying them out cheap, and will make the OpenPower based IBM Mainframes run MacOS Server. AT&T is struggling after it bought out HBO and can't get DirecTV working correctly and Apple will buy them all. Sear/KMart was going to file for bankruptcy until Apple bought them out and will be introducing the Apple iBuy app that allows you to buy products from the Sears and KMart warehouses to compete with Walmart and Amazon.

Amazon is buying out Whole Foods, and just announced they would buy out Radio Shack and turn stores into Amazon shipping stores that also sell smart phones and computer parts. Every Amazon Fire device will be in Radio Shack stores with an Amazon store within a store.

Google is buying out Target, TMobile and Verizon.

Will the Federal Government allow these buyouts? Are these companies Monopolies?

Find this and many more with ABC News, as Microsoft buys us out along with Tumblr and Reddit.

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