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Immanentizing the Eschaton: Latest Illuminated Communication from Malaclypse the Younger

In a telepathic business meeting between God (who remained silent), Eris, Mal, various other illuminati agents, and man, a plan was formed to free the world in a bloodless coup by implementing a cryptographic based universal basic income coin, similar to bitcoin.

This is one plan that was revealled to me. I repeat it here for you now, imperfectly.

Your job, if you chose to accept it, is to copy and distribute this plan as far and wide as far as possible.

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Mal, Eris and God were VERY CLEAR that no one is to die... They understand well that humans are easily confused and might forget this part... but it is the number one rule... NO ONE WILL DIE. The plan is to SHOOT THE BILLIONAIRES. We have no ill will towards the rich and powerful, as long as they do not use their wealth to create uncompensated negative externalities and work within the free market and its assumptions. However, economics alone cannot solve the wealth distribution problem that remains in the free market... there is no economic incentive, the only incentive is political, and therefore the solution requires the use of force, not free trade. No one will die, because the way out for the billionaires is to commit to sharing 1% of their wealth with the world... No one excluded. To do this, man shall build various cryptographic systems required to accomplish this task. We beleive the time is right, and all the tools are in place, they just need to be configured for this task. There are two main components, an online cryptographic democratic voting system, and an online cryptographic wealth distribution system. The protocols are to be documented, and open source reference implementations are to be built. Firstly, man requires a cryptographic democratic system where everybody is equal. One human, one vote. Using something like the PGP web of trust system, and a distributed database capable of holding identifying information (images of face and eyes, fingerprints, voice and government documents)... an anonymous voting system is to be built... The key part of the democratic system is that no human shall be in the database more than once. Any human found circumventing this system (various government agencies are the major risk factor), shall permanently lose access to all benefits provided by this system. Humans shall actively attempt to seek out breaches of this system. The voting system is to run continuously and in real time. There will be a means of creating various topics, and options to select from them, and anyone shall be able to cast their votes to one or more of the options (where applicable). No one shall be able to prove how they voted, but will be able to alter their vote at any time. People may be able to delegate their votes to others... using something like the Page Rank algorithm to weight votes based upon the delegation. Every human in the voting system will have a unique cryptographic address that wealth can be transfered to (like some kind of Bitcoin address)... The coin system may be called UBICoin, Universal Basic Income Coin. (The value of the each account will be updated in real time, such that at the worst case, every day a basic income shall be added to everyone's account). Humans shall vote both whether they chose to follow this plan or if they are against it. Using the blockchain solution to the byzantine generals problem, they will also signal if they have the opportunity to carry out the plan. When conditions are right, a synchronised attack will occur on the billionares... redistributing wealth by force. Billionaires will not be harmed if they commit to purchasing (and probably burning) at least 1% of their wealth (not their income!) every year, a wealth tax, put into the crypto coin system. This will be provable and will give the coin value. It is not expected that this will create much wealth for individuals in itself, especially those in the first world. However, it should create enough wealth in third world nations that communities and groups can work together and have the resources to undertake projects of value to those communities in the third world with goods and services purchased through free trade from both the first and third world. We would like that the billionaires and the remaining threat of force will drive the billionaires to expand this system such that the millionaires would voluntarily commit to a 1% wealth tax. The vast majority of humans (over 90%) will never have the chance to be eligable to pay this tax, this is just the way things are. With the billionaires and millionaires creating value, individuals in the third world should all be able to feed themselves. Because regional variations exist in living expenses, national, state and regional systems can be setup by governments similar to this system... but this will form the base. That's all.
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