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Script-Kiddies are at it again

My ISP goes up and down today, supposed to have 100Mbitsec but only have 3 if I am lucky. I see they attacked as well.

I've been sick and out of practice for Python. Trying to help family members, trying to wake up earlier in the morning to reset/reboot my sleep cycle, getting my meds adjusted by my doctors, working on my PC to make my software and Windows issues go away. I'm making progress but not quite there yet.

Please keep posting here and testing out FreeK666, I see some new users or socks or dupes or whatever.

People not knowing this bunch of trolls came from Kuro5hin might not understand why some posts are offensive, which all of Kuro5hin was, and why its owner/landlord Rusty Foster shut it down and refused to restore it from backup.

At least it isn't a circlejerk like the IWETHEY forum was where they banned anyone different than they were to create an echo chamber with 8M of RAM and constantly swapping.

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Offensive? I've never posted anything that was just overtly offensive, maybe a bit racy, a little insensitive maybe. (#127)
by Brogdel on April 22, 2017, 2:44 p.m.

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