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Big Brother Trump is not abused by your shenanigans!

This is a bad time for Satanists in The Satanic Temple. Missouri is Blastar's territory and it is run by GOP Fundamentalist Christians that can't ban abortion so they put a time limit on it instead.

Satanists don't believe in waiting periods for abortions, so they wrote a note to the clinic to wave the waiting period.

Missouri Fundamentalist Christians don't understand Satanists or their believes and don't know that they are more honest, ethical, and moral than the Funies.

Damn shit! The ACLU refused to support them and the judge threw the case out!

If Satanists are not free for their beliefs then neither are the rest of us.

Big Brother Trump says, forget about it, we are deporting undocumented immigrants, fighting terrorists, and making America Great Again! Ever since GWB and Obama the public wants security in exchange for losing rights, freedoms, and liberties.

If it was Christians instead of Satanists who had their rights violated there would be a bigger uproar! So these so called ACLU liberals don't give a shit about Satanists and neither does Big Brother Trump!

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who's shenanigans? who r u? (#190)
by bad on Aug. 12, 2017, 10:50 p.m.
u r not HDD, right?

two thumbs down -->

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