Free Speech as in Open Source!

We bring you this news update on Big Brother Trump!

Syria was hit with the MOAB and is now pondering surrendering to the USA to become part of the empire.

We've always been at war with Euroasia and Eastasia!

War is peace, ignorance is strength, love is hate, liberals are fascists.

Big Brother Trump is fighting those thought criminals like tdillo who criticize Big Brother and INGSOC! New Internet legislation will be passed soon to protect Internet speech as MiniTrue takes over news media companies on the Internet or real world to cut down on the fake news.

North Korea shakes its fist at the USA, launching defective missiles that blow up too soon or crash in the sea. Can't make it to the USA or even Japan, we'll be dropping the MOAB on them soon.

Our fearless leader did all of this while on vacation playing golf with a perfect game that even Tiger Woods can't match!

Remember foolishness is genuis! Stay foolish!

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